MATLAB code BVPSUITE for boundary value problems

This MATLAB code provides a GUI for accessing the functionality of a solver for singular or regular boundary value problems in ODEs. The solver can cope with arbitrary order systems of ODEs and DAEs, with multi-point boundary conditions, parameter-dependent and eigenvalue problems, and is equipped with reliable error control and efficient adaptive hesh adaptation. The code is freely available together with comprehensive documentation and relevant publications here.

MATLAB code SBVP for boundary value problems

As a result of our research efforts, a MATLAB 6.0 code for the solution of singular boundary value problems was implemented. The general purpose code SBVP 1.0 can also be used successfully to solve regular problems. Recently, we updated the package to comply with new MATLAB 6.5 standards and corrected some minor bugs and inconveniences. The new package can be downloaded here, and a technical documentation can be found here. For papers referring to the performance of the code and theoretical considerations about the implemented solution method, see the following papers:
FORTRAN 90 code for avalanche dynamics

For the computation of the run-up or run-out of dry-flowing avalanches, we implemented a FORTRAN 90 code, based on a solver for singular initial value problems designed earlier by Peter Kofler. The underlying model is due to McClung, see below. The package can be downloaded here. Usage is transparent from the documentation. Descriptions of the model, our code and its performance, and the underlying numerical method are given in the following papers: